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Might have to revoke my lesbian card.

Netflix just got the entire show ‘The L Word.’ Many lesbians swear by this show and I’ve been on dates with women who give me this mortified look, as if I’ve just kicked their three-legged puppy,  when I tell them that:

a.) I’ve never actually watched the show and

b.) Of what I HAVE seen I didn’t find any of the main characters particularly attractive enough for me to want to watch it.

When I was 17 and “just curious” I searched some clips of this show on Youtube. Watched some. Thought it looked terrible (although of course, the sex scenes fascinated my young, naive, totally gay-but-in-denial mind.)

But I decided to actually watch it today. I started episode 1, season 1.


Not that bad but not great? What’s the big deal? The second Shane got naked I felt this near uncontrollable urge to just switch to an Xbox game instead. How is she the most popular one? She’s too skinny, really pale, dresses like a creepy John Lennon or Michael Jackson, and will someone please explain to me how she is supposed to be a hair stylist when her own hair looks unwashed and unkempt?

It boggles my mind that Shane is the most popular character on the show. I’ve only made it through one episode and Dana is already my favorite if only because she’s a massive bitch to Shane. (I’m also fond of Tina, I guess, but only because she’s adorable and not mind-numbingly obnoxious.)

Like goddamn, woman. It looks like you took a flattening iron to that rat’s nest you call your hair. 

So maybe this means that I need to have my lesbian card revoked, but if I have to think Shane is attractive (or any of them, for that matter) to keep my card then I don’t even want it.

I really don’t know if I can keep going.

I’d also expect a lot of angry comments in my comment section if I ever got any comments but since I don’t I’m not too worried about it.

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  1. Shae Shae

    I haven’t watched that show either and I totally agree with you about everything you just said.


    Tbh I’ve watched the show, *bows head in shame* and I thought the same about Shane when I first started watching it. However, she did grow on me a lot, as did the show :/

    • Maybe it’ll grow on me? But I kind of doubt it haha. Unless characters I find tolerable get more screen time. I really really just don’t ever want to see Shane naked again.

  3. joi fernandez joi fernandez

    huh?! what’s wrong with seeing shane naked??? well… i’ve watched the darned show… i dont have anything to say about these characters… but the storyline of the show… it boggles my mind. why do they need to have some flashback or something like that in the beginning of the show…

    • Haha I just find Shane so unattractive that I really just don’t want to see her naked. Even in clothes she freaks me out a little bit.

  4. joi fernandez joi fernandez

    hehehe… i guess… she’s out of your league huh?? may i ask who do you prefer to portray her role??? if only given a chance to ask you… 🙂

    • Are you basically asking me who I’d rather see naked? Literally* any one would be more appealing than Shane.

      *I do not mean literally in the literal sense.

  5. joi fernandez joi fernandez

    sorry i dont mean to ask you such question… its just a silly question that crossed my mind…

    • Hahaha I know 🙂 I still answered it.

  6. joi fernandez joi fernandez

    hey tal… have you seen the movie “imagine you and me”? if you have… what do you think about that movie??? is there any show or movie that has a lesbian story?? tbh… the only lesbian show i have seen is that the L word..


      There’s a British show called lip service 🙂 I prefer series 1 to the second 😀
      And there’s quite a few lesbian films, but I can’t think of any right now lol

      • joi fernandez joi fernandez

        thank you for the info… i’ll try to look it up and check out this show. i hope you’d remember some lesbian films and tell me about it.. thanks again

      • Aaah I prefer The L Word to Lip Service! My friend told me it was ‘the British L Word.’ I absolutely hated the two main characters 🙁 The only redeeming factor of Lip Service was Lexy haha, she was attractive and awesome.

    • Yeah I loved Imagine You and Me! Piper Perabo, the actress who played Rachel, also acts in the movie “Lost and Delirious” which is also a lesbian film (except she’s younger and in boarding school.) I don’t know where you can watch it though. Hmm… Bloomington is also a really hot lesbian movie. Lost Girl is a TV show with lesbians, since the main character is bisexual 🙂

      • joi fernandez joi fernandez

        thank you for the inof ms. taleth… i’l find a way to check out all of this. how are you btw… i hope you’re doing fine… take care always taleth…

  7. Lisette Lisette

    Gay or str8, we all have our tastes in those we prefer. Who may be very desirable to one person, not not be so to another. Think of some celebrities, of which you may know. Mic Jagger and Lyle Lovitt are two severely ugly individuals. But, I know of a few women who find them attractive. I have no clue how, but they do. So, just because a few women – or even is most women – find someone desirable, it does not need to hold true to your personal preferences. The same holds true, in the reverse.

    With regards to Shane, I must admit, her nude scene, I wasn’t impressed. Nor did I find her the slightest bit attractive, at that time – as per my personal tastes in women. However, Shane – moreover, her persona – I did find quite desirable, in many ways, as I got to know her.

    As for lust at first sight? Carmen!

    • Haha I agree, Carmen was the most attractive character on that show BY FAR. Shane I did not like at all, but to each their own 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  8. I totally agree with you about Shane. She looks like a 13 yr old boy. A Bieber! You have to keep in mind that this was the only lesbian show on at the time. It was all we had basically. I did enjoy it though. I loved Bette. Absolutely hated Jenny with a passion from day 1. All the other main characters were ok. CARMEN was my one of my favorites.

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