GirlxGirl Library one shot competition

I keep writing something to submit to the contest but it always ends up being too long or just clearly something that is meant to be a much longer, multi-chaptered story (which is actually kind of cool because now I have like 4 super condensed stories that I can turn into major ones.)

So while this is pretty frustrating, it shows me that I actually might need to practice pacing. I can write epics, novels, whatever… but short stories and one shots? Can’t do it. It’s weird that I have no problem developing plots that can stretch over 100K words and yet struggle over writing something under 3K words. Then again, I should be grateful that it’s not the other way around.

I’m going to try again and submit something but it won’t be very good.

7 thoughts on “GirlxGirl Library one shot competition

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      1. just read your one shot story…its great and amazing.. 🙂 hope you win.. just voted it.. goodluck on this tal

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