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Month: April 2013

Submit Your Vote to the GirlxGirl Library One-Shot Competition!

So the GirlxGirl library recently announced that the voting period for the one-shot contest is now open! Here’s their message: ~~~BREAKING NEWS~~~ The voting is now open for the girlxgirl one shot competition. To vote for your favorite story all you have to do is send the girlxgirl library account…

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Okay 2 things

1.) I’m in class right now. 2.) Got a quiz back. 90%. Then realized I was right/teacher was wrong and now my grade was changed to 100%. 3.) Got an email saying my long board shipped 😉 That was 3 things, not 2 things. Can’t be tamed.


Chapter 18 news

So my friend from home left this morning but we had an awesome weekend (despite my roommate acting like a psychotic, jealous girlfriend) and so I now finally have free time to write chapter 18! Wow. It’s almost been a month since my last update! I’m looking forward to writing…

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A Method of Discipline: My one-shot contest entry now available to read

So I posted my one-shot contest entry to my profile. It can be read by clicking here. Here’s the summary: Valerie Greco, the school’s notorious troublemaker, stopped bothering to show up to detention weeks ago. In a desperate attempt to get the problem student in control, the principal instead sentences…