Woohoo! Thanks everyone!

So I won the one-shot competition (hosted by the GirlxGirl library as mentioned in this post and this post.)

(Just kidding, there may or may not have been alcohol involved in the writing process.)

But anyway, apparently I’m the “overall” winner, which is pretty cool! There’s a cash prize (as well as other prizes that I will be receiving in the mail). Sweet.

(those are tears of joy)

I was beyond happy to find out about it (about an hour before my final presentation of my undergraduate college career, no less!) And of course, totally surprised.

I shall take this time to thank everyone who read A Method of Discipline and liked it enough to vote for it! I could not have done it without the support I’ve received from all of you, so I am eternally grateful to have such amazing readers.

Thank you to the GirlxGirl Library on Wattpad for hosting the competition (I hope they’ll host more, they’re super fun!)

Congratulations to all the other winners!

And also to the non-winners, who wrote and submitted some amazing stories.

“Nice stories, guys” – Batman

Blah you’re all amazing and if I could I would totally take each and every one of you out on a date to show my gratitude. (And yes I’d get you drunk.)


And I’d also tell you how great you look


And then maybe…


Okay, totally kidding about that last one (maybe)

But I guess since I can’t do that, I’ll just keep writing instead!


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