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California Here I Come (but seriously, I’m leaving for a little bit)

Hey guys.

So I’m heading to California for a little over a week.  All of last year I basically spent most of my time with the same two people, Rome and my gay guy friend who shall be codenamed ‘Dale.’ We would just sit in their apartment and drink. But anyway, Dale decided to move to LA (which most people that went to my college end up doing post-grad). He said that by the end of the summer he wanted to just pack up and leave his small hometown in MA. Me and Rome jokingly agreed to road trip all the way to the other side of the country with him.

He was serious.

Anyway, Dale contacted me about a month ago asking if I was actually willing to head there with him for the move. Hells yeah! So now me, Dale, Rome, and our other friend (straight, female) ‘Cork’ are going to road trip down there in a tiny ass little car. It’s going to be awful and awesome. I’m pretty excited, especially because we’ll be stopping off in random cities and staying the nights in creepy, Psycho-esque motels (sorry, always something I’ve wanted to do for some reason.) I’m probably most excited about staying in Vegas. I’ve always wanted to do that. Just my luck that I happen to be going with a group of friends where the gays outnumber the straight. Definitely will have an influence on where we decide to go 😉

And I know you’re all probably like

But I figured I should tell you anyway in case you’re wondering where the chapter preview is. I’ll get on that once I get home, which should be September 4th (I think.)

In any case, the only way you guys will really be able to contact me while I’m gone will be through my new account (since I’ve downloaded the app onto my phone) so here’s the link to that:

Like it says on there, feel free to ask me anything. Honestly, there will probably be long stretches of the drive where I’m bored out of my mind, so don’t hesitate to send me something.

So yeah, I’ll be  back soon if I don’t get stabbed in sketchy motel showers by a serial killer 🙂



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