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My Site Is Back Up!

Helloooo everyone!

So, as you can see, my blog is back up. I even made a terribly embarrassing video to celebrate the occasion. Mostly I’m rambling and you can barely hear me because I mumble BUT I’m posting it anyway because maybe you will find it as entertaining as I find it humiliating.

List of Things I Say Too Much:

1. Um (can’t go more than 5 seconds without this one, my speech teacher would be rolling in her grave if she were dead but I took her class like 4 years ago and she is probably in her 50s so she’s probs not dead)

2. Uh

3. Awesome

4. Anyway

I’m sure that you couldn’t follow anything I was saying in that video because of the gaps of “Ummmm” in between every thought, so I’m going to summarize it down here. Clearly writing is my forte, not speaking.

List Of Things-I-Tried-To-Say-In-My-Video-But-Was-Unclear-Because-I-Mumble:

1. This site is back up! (obvious)

2. Hope you guys had an awesome holiday season even though I think it’s been maybe more than 2 weeks since then by now.

3. I’m not giving up on Alex’s Girl, I’ve just been busy because the people I work for think I am a competent adult that can handle adult responsibilities. It requires all of my focus to prevent them from catching onto the fact that I have NO idea what I’m doing 98% of the time.

4. My girlfriend is hot and I almost forgot to be like, “I love you,” because I was too focused on telling her how attractive she is. I am easily distracted by a hot girl, woops.

5. I love you guys too and maybe we’ll bang one day.

6. Just kidding.

7. Maybe.

8. (Call me)

Oh, and to any new people stumbling across this who have no idea what’s going on: Hi, I’m Taleth. This is my blog. I write stuff sometimes and enjoy romantic walks to the fridge.

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  1. Kanji Kanji

    16 seconds was a long as you could go without one of your overly used words. Sorry for my English, I’m for Japan so yeah.

    • Ugh, I know, how pathetic is that?

    • Also your English is very good so no need to apologize!

  2. Rebecca Rebecca

    Hello. I’m Rebecca. Everyone on Wattpad is wondering if you are going to finish Alex’s Girl. If you could put a comment on there to let everyone know, I think it would put alot of peoples mind at ease. Thank you. Everyone loves your story!

    • Hey there Rebecca!

      Thanks for the message. I’m definitely going to finish Alex’s Girl 🙂

  3. Luana Luana

    Hey, I read your story, twice. Both times in like two days because I couldn’t stop reading. I was wondering if you are ever going to finish it. You probably get that question a lot. I’m just really really really hoping you are! Your story haunts me in my sleep, I want to know what’s going to happen next. Your story is the first to ever keep me up reading at night, that really says a lot coming from me.
    You’ve done a great job writing it so far. Let’s hope it’ll continue 🙂
    Greetings from Belgium.

    • Hey there!
      I’m definitely going to finish it, I promise. Just hang in there a little longer 🙂 Thank you so much for the message and the support!

  4. hey this is anonymous and i can say thank god your going to update alex’s girl i’ve read the story like 20x and i still cant get sick of it when are u gonna put up the next chapter?

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