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My Thoughts On The 100 (Possible Spoilers)

Hey guys! So I just finished Season 2 of The 100 last night. I’m all caught up!

I initially only started watching this show because I saw some gifs of hot girls kissing on Tumblr. Which is actually how I start most shows these days.

I’m only human. And gay.

Anyway, here are my lingering thoughts on the show.

1. Why are the Grounders okay with being called “Grounders”? Do they not have a name for their people that they’d rather be called? I assume the writers didn’t want to introduce another official name for the Grounders because the audience could get confused. But it makes no sense that they would refer to themselves as Grounders, or allow themselves to be called by a name like that, when until a few months ago there was no such thing as Sky People. If they call themselves the Woods Clan/People then why don’t they ask the Sky people to start referring to them as that? I guess it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as “Grounder”.

2. The 100? More like the 30.

3. When Bellamy asks Lincoln “Why Octavia?” and Lincoln goes into this long explanation of finding some guy on a space ship… seriously? Why do you think, Bellamy? Octavia is hot. This is not rocket science (see what I did there? Rocket science? Rockets? Sci-fi? Hilarious.)






4. Pacifist Finn gets a total personality shift thanks to what I’m sure was the falling popularity of the character (honestly, he’s not cute enough to be Clarke’s love interest, marketing 101). They needed an excuse to kill him off (to keep Clarke open to other romantic possibilities AKA to keep things interesting) and so they turned him into a homicidal maniac so that we wouldn’t mourn his death too much. I never liked Finn, but ruining a character by going totally against their established personality just so you can justify killing him off is some shit writing.

Finn and Clarke in bed
“Oh, just homicidal murdery stuff”

5. Clarke obviously can’t be with another woman, because this is mainstream TV and that will never fly with audiences, so they give a mini demonstration of Clarke’s bisexuality to show how progressive they are and then, of course, ruin the relationship before it has a chance to develop. Now no one can say they are homophobic, because see! Clarke had a kiss with a girl, once! From here on out, all Clarke’s love interests will be men. I predict that there will be Lexa drama in season 3, which may involve more romantic stuff, but it still won’t end well, possibly with Lexa’s untimely death immediately after she (finally) redeems herself.

Clarke and Lexa

6. Who the fuck cares about Thelonius? The dude thinks he’s Jesus. The only reason he left the main camp is because he is on a power trip and can’t handle not being chancellor. Also, he threw some dude off a boat? What the fuck?

And here are all the pairings I ship:

Girl Character x Taleth
Hot Girl Character x Taleth

That being said, I really did enjoy this show, even season 1 where there was no sign of lesbians anywhere. I’m going to continue watching and hope Lexa makes an appearance in Season 3 (despite my predictions under #5.)

Oh, and slightly related note: I have a review in the works about a TV streaming service that’s basically Netflix for lesbians/bisexuals/queer girls so I’ll be posting that soon, stay tuned!

Anyway, what do you guys think of the show?

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  2. Alaeri Alaeri

    I had the same thoughts on this show, except I really didn’t see the kiss coming. When it did I was just like, “eh, they just want to say they had a lesbian interest on the show. Fanservice.” I wasn’t too thrilled at the end. There really wasn’t a need for betrayal. They had essentially won and why she decided to be a twat and not continue made no sense other than to make her and Clarke fight.

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