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Ten Fun Facts About The Upcoming Sequel to Alex’s Girl

As most of you know by now, Alex’s Girl has come to an end. About a month ago I posted an “Epilogue” and then revealed that the epilogue is, in fact, actually just the first few pages of the sequel! I called it an Epilogue so as to surprise you unsuspecting readers with the sequel announcement at the end 😉 and it totally worked. Once I post chapter one of the sequel, I will retitle “Epilogue” to “Book Two Teaser,” which is more accurate.

Obviously I’m really excited about this new project! I love writing, and it’s always nice having a ‘project’ for me to work on when I have some free time. I’m also absolutely thrilled to have finally finished something… I’ve started many stories and have never finished them, so I think it’s a good sign that I’ve finally learned to not give up and to see a story through to the end.

What’s in store for Alex’s Girl? Well, I’ll be re-reading it (for the billionth time), editing it, changing some things, and then sending it off to get edited by a professional and maybe see about getting it self-published as some people have expressed interest in owning a physical copy, which might be a neat idea if Wattpad ever crashes or something. Not sure about that yet, but we’ll see. It will definitely take some time because I’m much more interested in writing than I am in editing. Editing is boring.

As for the awaited sequel… well, here are some quick facts about it, to hold you guys over until I actually post it!

Ten Fun Facts about the Upcoming Sequel to Alex’s Girl:

  1. The working title is, Lost Then Found. It’s cheesy as hell, but nothing is worse than ‘Alex’s Girl.’ Also that’s a direct line from AG (bonus points to whoever can find the chapter  that it’s in.)
  2. This is sort of related to the previous fact: The first thing Alex ever says to Val is, “Are you… lost?” The first thing Val says to Alex in the sequel is, “Found you.” We’ve come full circle!
  3. I will post the sequel when I’ve written the first five chapters. I’m doing this so that it gives me time to write more chapters without making you guys wait too long between updates. I’d ideally like to update on a schedule, posting one chapter per month. If I have five chapters finished when I post, that gives me 5 months to focus on writing more chapters without pressure.
  4. Yes, we will hear about what Val has been up to this entire time.
  5. Yes, we will find out what is going on between Alex and Laura.
  6. Yes, we will see the return of some characters from Alex’s Girl. 
  7. Unlike Alex’s Girl, which was heavily focused on Val, Lost Then Found will be more Alex-centric.
  8. There will be no first-person POV chapters. The entire story will be written in third-person. That does not mean, however, that I will never write a first person POV drabble anyway and post it here for shits and gigs.
  9. The plot of Lost then Found will delve much deeper into mafia stuff and “powerful rival families” drama than Alex’s Girl did. Alex’s Girl certainly set up for both of these things.
  10. Here’s the current cover:

Lost Then Found

One day I’ll get both covers changed to something else (the models used for the Alex’s Girl cover actually really bother me… Alex’s model has a man-chin and Val’s model is some saucy latina), but both covers cost me $10 each so I can’t really complain.

I also just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for reading Alex’s Girl and sticking by it even when I hadn’t updated it in over a year. Writing that story was quite the journey, there were times where I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish it… but I’m lucky to have such awesome readers who waited patiently for me and showed me constant support by sending me thoughtful messages and leaving me encouraging comments.

Also, thank you for showing such an amazing amount of support for the sequel! I was beyond happy to see just how much everyone was in favor of a sequel, and just how excited it made everyone. Knowing that you guys are excited about it is what makes me eager to get these first five chapters done as fast as possible so I can see your reactions (pretty much my favorite part of writing is reading your comments.)

Anyway, enough sappy stuff. The next time I post here will probably be to announce that I’ve posed the sequel, although if you are following me then you will already know the second that I do.

Hope you all have been enjoying your summer 🙂



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  1. Alaeri Alaeri

    Very exciting Tal! The cover looks nice, really liking the model. Though I liked the model on the old one too, haha. Man-chin and all! Lol.

    Kinda disappointed for no 1st pov on Val. I was pretty excited for that change in maturity, but if you post something here about what we’ve already read that’s even better since we get both views. It’s a lot work imo, but fun work.

    Can’t wait, I’m dying over here. Lol

    • Yeah, I definitely will miss being in Val’s head, but the truth is it just doesn’t work for this story, which mostly follows Alex around. There WILL be Val-centric chapters, so we will get to see into her head a bit, but it won’t be as intimate as it was in Alex’s Girl.

      Buuut yes, like I said, there’s a good chance I’ll post tidbits from her pov on this site, as unofficial “bonuses” 🙂 regardless, you’ll still be able to see enough into her mind to see the maturity, so I’m not worried about that 😉

      And thank you 🙂

  2. Skyler Skyler

    This is so exciting!
    If you were to edit and publish Alex’s Girl, I would for-sure buy a copy.
    But: sequel. It’s awesome you’re focusing more on Alex because I feel like I know a lot more about Val, though I’m definitely anticipating finding out what’s happened in the 7-year bridge with both of them. And as much as I loathe the Grecos and the Sterlings and want them to fuck off, what’s a good story without loads of angst? I’ve been a fan of Alex’s Girl for a long time, mostly because it’s super tough to find girlxgirl books that actually have an interesting plot (and grammar, grammar is a must), so thanks for that and I’m eagerly awaiting updates on Lost Then Found. (:

    • Hey, thanks!

      You’ll definitely get to read about both of them, but the story follows Alex around more than it follows Val.

      Thank you for reading Alex’s Girl for so long 🙂 Happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed it enough to want a copy for yourself, that’s awesome!

      Hope to post it soon 🙂


  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    So psyched for this!
    Please add more Alex and Val action (’cause it’s hot 🙂 ) I’m looking forward to Alex’s real relationship with Laura. Been a fan of this story since Day 1. That’s all, i suck at compliments, it’s a really awesome story! Take care 😡


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