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Lost Then Found: Chapter 4 Preview

Hi Guys!

I know this is a little late but pretty girls distract me on the daily. Chapter Four will be posted early April! Fair warning, it’s a doozy. That’s right, a doozy. 

Here’s the preview of Chapter Four:

“It was a long time ago, for about two months give or take,” Val said, waving her hand in the air as if to shoo the label of ‘ex’ away. “Totally not a big deal.”

Laura was now staring at Val as if through new eyes. Alex wasn’t sure which was more obvious, the intense jealousy or the admiration.

“How did you get her to commit?” Laura asked, leaning back against the bar. She shot Alex a sidelong glance. “I thought Alex committing to a relationship was the stuff of legends.”

The Greco woman spun the straw around her drink then took a sip. She let out a humorless laugh. “It was pretty short-lived,” Val said, lifting her eyes to Alex’s again. “It probably didn’t even really count.”

The look of mischief was gone, and instead Val looked… honest, like her old self. It caught Alex off guard, causing her heart to thud harder against her chest.

The blonde woman was still staring at Val, seemingly speechless. She had never felt so tongue-tied. What was she supposed to say? Was she supposed to go along with this casual mood Val was setting? Why did Gabe disappear when she needed him for moral support?

“It counts,” Alex said, surprised when she heard the words force themselves from her throat. Val was clearly pretending that the encounter they had had last week hadn’t happened, so Alex decided to play along. She took another minute to look Val slowly up and down again. Her soul quaked. “You look good, Val.”


See you guys in April!

Your friendly neighborhood writer,


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  1. DarkSorrowz DarkSorrowz

    Damn woman! IT IS INDEED A DOOZY. LMFAO!!!!
    Oh and hey, don’t worry. I feel ya.. Pretty girls is a daily distraction. *sigh* HAHAHA…

    As usual, thank you for the preview 😆

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ugh so ready for April to get here!
    Loved the preview! 😁

  3. elle elle

    I’m pretty sure I will love it no matter what 🙂

    Go Taleth! 🙂

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    DAMN Taleth, back at it again with the an amazing story!

  5. Nicole Nicole

    Damn! Absolutely love your writing, and I have to acknowledge that you are a master at keeping your readers happy while keeping them hanging!
    Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhgg I love to hate you for it though!

  6. Kaytlyn Kaytlyn

    Holy shit that was amazing and now I can’t even wait 😭😭😍 I’m so excitedddddd

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    Daaamn Taleth back at it again with your cliffhangers

  8. Olivia Olivia

    I haven’t been reading the previews because I knew they would only tease me and frustrate me… But I couldn’t wait this time and I read it. IT TEASED ME AND FRUSTRATED ME. Taleth, I am painfully awaiting April. You are amazing.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    Its April!

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