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Lost Then Found: Chapter Ten (& Eleven!) Updates

Hi all!
Chapter Ten of Lost Then Found has been posted to Wattpad, so please go read and (hopefully!) enjoy it.

Taleth Life Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a chapter. To be honest, looking back at Chapter Nine’s author’s notes (or even the Chapter Nine blog post on this site) makes me cringe. Ah, to be so naive and think I would become some kind of writing machine after starting a new job.

So my new job (started mid-2018) basically required me to be on the phone multiple times a day for hours giving presentations which, if you know me at all, my brain is NOT wired to enjoy on any level, so it completely mentally drained me and I was barely able to write anything for all of 2019, even though I worked far less hours and technically had ‘less work’.

BUT my old boss reached out to me back in… I wanna say November ’19, and offered me his old position (basically running the entire department) to which I said, fuck yes! And now I’m back at my old job, just, you know, the BOSS this time.

Anyway enough about all that boring stuff. Onto the chapter!

About Chapter 10 & 11

Chapter Ten is sort of interesting, because the first half of it is actually more like a wrap-up of Chapter Nine, then the second half is mostly set up for Chapter Eleven. Maybe one day I’ll get better at knowing where to end my chapters and where to start them (but let’s be real, probably never gonna happen).

Fun fact, Chapter Ten was originally much longer, so I split it in half. The second half (around 30 pages) became Chapter Eleven, which I then ended up adding 20+ more pages to. Chapter Eleven is actually longer than Chapter Ten now, not to mention it’s also done! It’s being edited now, so it will absolutely be ready to be posted sometime next month, which is kind of exciting because when was the last time I did that?

Chapter Song

Also, Chapter Eleven is, uh, something, and I’m officially moving Chapter Ten’s chapter song to Chapter Eleven. Which means I’m changing the Chapter Ten song to Violence by Grimes:

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got.

Thank you for reading and see you next month 😉


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  1. pinkyville pinkyville

    Hello Taleth! Haven’t heard from you since mid 2020. Just wanted to see how you’re doing

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