California Here I Come (but seriously, I’m leaving for a little bit)

Hey guys.

So I’m heading to California for a little over a week. ¬†All of last year I basically spent most of my time with the same two people, Rome and my gay guy friend who shall be codenamed ‘Dale.’ We would just sit in their apartment and drink. But anyway, Dale decided to move to LA (which most people that went to my college end up doing post-grad). He said that by the end of the summer he wanted to just pack up and leave his small hometown in MA. Me and Rome jokingly agreed to road trip all the way to the other side of the country with him.

He was serious.

Anyway, Dale contacted me about a month ago asking if I was actually willing to head there with him for the move. Hells yeah! So now me, Dale, Rome, and our other friend (straight, female) ‘Cork’ are going to road trip down there in a tiny ass little car. It’s going to be awful and awesome. I’m pretty excited, especially because we’ll be stopping off in random cities and staying the nights in creepy, Psycho-esque motels (sorry, always something I’ve wanted to do for some reason.) I’m probably most excited about staying in Vegas. I’ve always wanted to do that. Just my luck that I happen to be going with a group of friends where the gays outnumber the straight. Definitely will have an influence on where we decide to go ūüėČ

And I know you’re all probably like

But I figured I should tell you anyway in case you’re wondering where the chapter preview is. I’ll get on that once I get home, which should be September 4th (I think.)

In any case, the only way you guys will really be able to contact me while I’m gone will be through my new account (since I’ve downloaded the app onto my phone) so here’s the link to that:¬†

Like it says on there, feel free to ask me anything. Honestly, there will probably be long stretches of the drive where I’m bored out of my mind, so don’t hesitate to send me something.

So yeah, I’ll be ¬†back soon if I don’t get stabbed in sketchy motel showers by a serial killer ūüôā



I Have No Idea How Rankings Work On Wattpad…

56 non-teen fiction and 78 romance


BUUUUT I’m pretty sure that this is awesome! Wow. ¬†Non-Teen Fiction #56 and Romance #78. Top 100 in both genres woo! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned getting over 220K reads and 1000 comments either, so that’s also pretty awesome. Hopefully we’ll hit 5000 votes soon, and then we can throw a party or something.


¬†Okay so it’s not the best day of my life, but I’m still pretty happy about everything!

Like I said, I have no idea what that even means but I’m guessing it is my ranking on the ‘hot’ lists in those genres, which means the better my rank the more likely it is that random people will come across Alex’s Girl. The only issue with that is that 90% of them will be straight people and keep scrolling, but whatever, still exciting.

Thank you to everyone who has read, voted, and commented on the most recent chapter! Obviously without you then this blog post wouldn’t exist.

I feel like I had more to say but whatever it was, totally forgot it. Figures.

I am leaving on Monday for a cross-country road trip for a little over a week so I hope I can post a chapter preview before I leave (since I’ll be without a laptop the entire time.) I’ll be back probably tomorrow with more details on that anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well!




lol are we still calling it ‘non-teen fiction’? Grow a pair and just call it ‘Adult’, Wattpad. What do you think half the people on that site are on there for anyway?

Woohoo! Thanks everyone!

So I won the one-shot competition (hosted by the GirlxGirl library as mentioned in this post and this post.)

(Just kidding, there may or may not have been alcohol involved in the writing process.)

But anyway, apparently I’m the “overall” winner, which is pretty cool! There’s a cash prize (as well as other prizes that I will be receiving in the mail). Sweet.

(those are tears of joy)

I was beyond happy to find out about it (about an hour before my final presentation of my undergraduate college career, no less!) And of course, totally surprised.

I shall take this time to thank everyone who read¬†A Method of Discipline¬†and liked it enough to vote for it! I could not have done it without the support I’ve received from all of you, so I am eternally grateful to have such amazing readers.

Thank you to the GirlxGirl Library on Wattpad for hosting the competition (I hope they’ll host more, they’re super fun!)

Congratulations to all the other winners!

And also to the non-winners, who wrote and submitted some amazing stories.

“Nice stories, guys” – Batman

Blah you’re all amazing and if I could I would totally take each and every one of you out on a date to show my gratitude. (And yes I’d get you drunk.)


And I’d also tell you how great you look


And then maybe…


Okay, totally kidding about that last one (maybe)

But I guess since I can’t do that, I’ll just keep writing instead!


Submit Your Vote to the GirlxGirl Library One-Shot Competition!

So the GirlxGirl library recently announced that the voting period for the one-shot contest is now open!

Here’s their message:


The voting is now open for the girlxgirl one shot competition. To vote for your favorite story all you have to do is send the girlxgirl library account a private message with the name of the AUTHOR as well as the TITLE of the story. You can vote for ONE story PER CATEGORY and one OVERALL winner (this person can be from any category).

So your ballot when you send it in should look like this.

Teen Fiction:
Non-Teen Fiction:
Overall Winner: 

Feel free to copy and paste this ballot into a message. Only one vote per person. The Voting begins today April 24th and will end on April 29th!!!!

If you haven’t checked out all the one shots yet, you still have time to do so before you cast your votes. Happy voting everyone. Remember private message this account with your votes.


Why they don’t just create a few polls and post a direct link to them, I don’t know. Seems like it’d be easier (not that it’s particularly hard to send a message, of course, but it takes so much effort to get people to even click a button and VOTE for a chapter that I doubt many people will bother sending a private message with that form filled out.)

Anyway, click HERE for the one shot entries and HERE for my entry, A Method of Discipline. 


Also, you can vote for A Method of Discipline as BOTH the Non-Teen fiction category winner as well as the overall winner, as in your ballot can look like this:

Romance: Someone else
Teen Fiction: Someone else
Non-Teen Fiction: A Method of Discipline by Taleth
Overall Winner: A Method of Discipline by Taleth

(which would kind of make sense if you think¬†A Method of Discipline¬†deserves overall winner then chances are you think it’s the best in non-teen fiction category, right?)

Obviously, I’d love it if you guys voted for¬†A Method of Discipline¬†but if you choose to vote for a different entry I won’t hold it against you ūüėČ Although I may hold Chapter 18 hostage until you vote for me…


But anyway, what’s important is that you guys take the time to vote, not for me necessarily, but for the stories that are your favorites ūüôā

So fill out the form and send it in a private message to the GirlxGirl Library!¬†You have until the 29th, which isn’t a very long time, so get to it!

Good luck to my fellow writers! You all did an amazing job.

Never thought I’d say this but…

Thank you, next-door-neighbors, for having extremely loud sex at 10AM this morning and thus waking me up, otherwise I would’ve been late for breakfast with my mom and her boyfriend.

As a side note: I absolutely hate being woken up for sex, so if that had been me I would’ve rolled over and ignored any such requests.

“Fuck off I’m sleeping”- Me.

Another side note: Someone should tell that poor guy she’s faking.

Rainbows, Nails, and Double-sided Axes

If you’re a lesbian or bisexual then you’ve probably noticed that it’s really really hard to meet other lesbians and bisexuals. I’m lucky in that I live in a city in the Northeast (Boston, MA) and it’s chock full O’lady-loving ladies.

But unless you’re in a gay club/bar or are on a dating website it’s even harder to:

a.) Figure out who is into other girls and thus dateable

And then when you figure that out you then have to deal with…

b.) Letting them know that YOU are also¬†into other girls (unless you’re butch, then most people probably already¬†know.)

I’m not a girly girl. I never was. Growing up I played with bugs (although, admittedly, they make me scream now) and I was always playing outside with my older brother. I played with action figures, toy cars, toy swords and guns, and of course, every video game console under the sun.

As I grew older I became more and more girly (but still never quite as girly as all my straight female friends.) I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in some femme limbo, where my straight female friends would laugh if anyone ever called me girly yet all my lesbian/gay friends call me ‘femme’ and will scoff at me for whining over a broken nail and say things like “You’re such a girl.”

Guys too, act surprised when I tell them I tend to prefer women. I get the usual, “But you’re too pretty… you don’t have¬†to date other girls…” Uh, thanks, moron.

So I’m not as feminine as the majority of straight girls but I’m clearly not anywhere near butch or masculine like most of my lesbian friends. I tend to just describe myself as a tomboyish-femme lesbian (and even that is pushing it as I feel as though that denotes some sort of athleticism, and anyone will tell you I cannot play sports for my life). I’ll wear makeup and get my nails done (I like french manicures) but at the same time I’m also most likely to be found playing Xbox in my Batman boxers. I’m also way more likely to be wearing jeans and a T-shirt than skirts or dresses,¬†but¬†they’ll be shirts cut to show off my body (and my cleavage) as well as skin-tight jeans instead of oversized, boy’s jeans. I once read a whole list of ‘Types of Lesbians’ and I think the best way to describe my style was the “blue jeans femme,” unmistakably a girl but with a more casual fashion/style.

But the problem is, LESBIANS DON’T KNOW THAT I DATE LADIES. They don’t even¬†consider¬†me most of the time because they assume I’m straight.


This is literally the only hint of my gayness on my body, a single rainbow bracelet (combined with my black wrap bracelet). Otherwise, unless your gaydar is really great, you’ll just assume I’m straight. In fact, I’m pretty sure even this bracelet is probably dismissed sometimes simply with, “Oh, she probably supports gay rights. Cool.”

The funny thing is, my mom bought the bracelet for me completely not realizing the implications so I get to wear it around her and my dad without them realizing ūüėČ

I feel like lesbians, at least the ones I’m usually interested in dating, need flashing neon signs hovering above their head that say, “YES, I DO¬†DATE OTHER WOMEN.” Because I usually am most attracted to girls that aren’t “loud.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just signal to each other?



Of course, I’d prefer something a lot more subtle to rainbows pouring out of your mouth but still.

There’s this thing called femme flagging where femme lesbians paint the nail on their ring finger(s) a separate color from the rest of their nails to gain more visibility as a lesbian. Personally, I think this looks stupid. If I’m going to get my nails done I like them all to have the same classy, manicured look.

Here’s an example from femme flagging, a Tumblr blog.

The submitter’s description reads as follows:

“Floral on the right for romance.

Lace on the left for high tea domme”

Not to be a dick, but what does that even mean? High tea domme?

And ‘floral on the right for romance and lace on the left’?

Who the fuck is going to think “Ah yes, that strange design that¬†vaguely¬†resembles a flower¬†must stand for ‘romance’! And that lace! Clearly this means high tea domme!¬†

Come on. 

You’re better off not trying to signal to other lesbians via nail polish code (that you basically made up.) Plus it looks not-hot. Maybe some people can pull this off but it still seems pretty ridiculous to me. I’d have an easier time decoding Morse Code that trying to figure out what that purple splotch on your ring finger is supposed to symbolize. I’ll probably assume you did your nails in the dark.

Then there is also the labrys symbol. I was pretty excited to learn about this because I am actually a huge sucker for ancient civilizations and ancient history and had recently read quite a lot on Ancient Cretan civilization. My favorite book, a historical fiction novel, also takes place on Crete (at least for a little while) and the labrys symbol is mentioned a lot.

Apparently these days the labrys (double-sided axe) symbol has come to signify girl power/feminism since it was rumored that the Amazons (lady-warriors from Greek mythology) used to wield them.  Today it is a not-as-well-known symbol of lesbianism and was used as the name of a lesbian magazine publication.

This is actually why I made¬†Val’s necklace a labrys (although it would NOT look anything like the above picture, and would probably look something more like this.)

Anyway.¬†Those are all the methods I’m aware of for the less visible lesbians/bisexuals to become more visible. Rainbows, nails, and double-sided axes. Sounds about right.

What do you guys do, if anything?

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