Added a ‘My Writings’ Page

So basically this page is the equivalent to Wattpad’s “My Works” section but it’s better and more detailed as it has the full summaries and provides links to my stories. I’ll add to it as I start posting more of my projects to Wattpad.

I can’t believe it only just occurred to me to add a “My Writings” section. Probably should’ve been the first thing I did considering, you know, this being a blog about my writing and everything.

Oh well.

Welcome to my new site!

Alex's Girl Cover WITH TEXT


So I decided to create an actual site that wasn’t on Tumblr (as much as I love Tumblr.)

I don’t actually know what I’m going to put here, probably just more blog-like stuff. I’ll probably be writing about my life a bit more, lesbians (which is also partly my life), and of course my writing.

So to anyone who doesn’t know who I am, I’m Taleth. I write stories and post them to Wattpad, which is a site I have a ton of issues with but I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to that later.

I’ll be 22 in a month and I’m graduating from college this spring.

I am a coffee addict, as well as a gamer and a comic book geek.

My role models include Xena, FemShep, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and a bunch of other fictional characters (because real people are boring, apparently.)

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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