Ten Fun Facts About The Upcoming Sequel to Alex’s Girl

As most of you know by now, Alex’s Girl has come to an end. About a month ago I posted an “Epilogue” and then revealed that the epilogue is, in fact, actually just the first few pages of the sequel! I called it an Epilogue so as to surprise you unsuspecting readers with the sequel announcement at the end 😉 and it totally worked. Once I post chapter one of the sequel, I will retitle “Epilogue” to “Book Two Teaser,” which is more accurate.

Obviously I’m really excited about this new project! I love writing, and it’s always nice having a ‘project’ for me to work on when I have some free time. I’m also absolutely thrilled to have finally finished something… I’ve started many stories and have never finished them, so I think it’s a good sign that I’ve finally learned to not give up and to see a story through to the end.

What’s in store for Alex’s Girl? Well, I’ll be re-reading it (for the billionth time), editing it, changing some things, and then sending it off to get edited by a professional and maybe see about getting it self-published as some people have expressed interest in owning a physical copy, which might be a neat idea if Wattpad ever crashes or something. Not sure about that yet, but we’ll see. It will definitely take some time because I’m much more interested in writing than I am in editing. Editing is boring.

As for the awaited sequel… well, here are some quick facts about it, to hold you guys over until I actually post it!

Ten Fun Facts about the Upcoming Sequel to Alex’s Girl:

  1. The working title is, Lost Then Found. It’s cheesy as hell, but nothing is worse than ‘Alex’s Girl.’ Also that’s a direct line from AG (bonus points to whoever can find the chapter  that it’s in.)
  2. This is sort of related to the previous fact: The first thing Alex ever says to Val is, “Are you… lost?” The first thing Val says to Alex in the sequel is, “Found you.” We’ve come full circle!
  3. I will post the sequel when I’ve written the first five chapters. I’m doing this so that it gives me time to write more chapters without making you guys wait too long between updates. I’d ideally like to update on a schedule, posting one chapter per month. If I have five chapters finished when I post, that gives me 5 months to focus on writing more chapters without pressure.
  4. Yes, we will hear about what Val has been up to this entire time.
  5. Yes, we will find out what is going on between Alex and Laura.
  6. Yes, we will see the return of some characters from Alex’s Girl. 
  7. Unlike Alex’s Girl, which was heavily focused on Val, Lost Then Found will be more Alex-centric.
  8. There will be no first-person POV chapters. The entire story will be written in third-person. That does not mean, however, that I will never write a first person POV drabble anyway and post it here for shits and gigs.
  9. The plot of Lost then Found will delve much deeper into mafia stuff and “powerful rival families” drama than Alex’s Girl did. Alex’s Girl certainly set up for both of these things.
  10. Here’s the current cover:

Lost Then Found

One day I’ll get both covers changed to something else (the models used for the Alex’s Girl cover actually really bother me… Alex’s model has a man-chin and Val’s model is some saucy latina), but both covers cost me $10 each so I can’t really complain.

I also just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for reading Alex’s Girl and sticking by it even when I hadn’t updated it in over a year. Writing that story was quite the journey, there were times where I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish it… but I’m lucky to have such awesome readers who waited patiently for me and showed me constant support by sending me thoughtful messages and leaving me encouraging comments.

Also, thank you for showing such an amazing amount of support for the sequel! I was beyond happy to see just how much everyone was in favor of a sequel, and just how excited it made everyone. Knowing that you guys are excited about it is what makes me eager to get these first five chapters done as fast as possible so I can see your reactions (pretty much my favorite part of writing is reading your comments.)

Anyway, enough sappy stuff. The next time I post here will probably be to announce that I’ve posed the sequel, although if you are following me then you will already know the second that I do.

Hope you all have been enjoying your summer 🙂



My Thoughts On The 100 (Possible Spoilers)

Hey guys! So I just finished Season 2 of The 100 last night. I’m all caught up!

I initially only started watching this show because I saw some gifs of hot girls kissing on Tumblr. Which is actually how I start most shows these days.

I’m only human. And gay.

Anyway, here are my lingering thoughts on the show.

1. Why are the Grounders okay with being called “Grounders”? Do they not have a name for their people that they’d rather be called? I assume the writers didn’t want to introduce another official name for the Grounders because the audience could get confused. But it makes no sense that they would refer to themselves as Grounders, or allow themselves to be called by a name like that, when until a few months ago there was no such thing as Sky People. If they call themselves the Woods Clan/People then why don’t they ask the Sky people to start referring to them as that? I guess it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as “Grounder”.

2. The 100? More like the 30.

3. When Bellamy asks Lincoln “Why Octavia?” and Lincoln goes into this long explanation of finding some guy on a space ship… seriously? Why do you think, Bellamy? Octavia is hot. This is not rocket science (see what I did there? Rocket science? Rockets? Sci-fi? Hilarious.)






4. Pacifist Finn gets a total personality shift thanks to what I’m sure was the falling popularity of the character (honestly, he’s not cute enough to be Clarke’s love interest, marketing 101). They needed an excuse to kill him off (to keep Clarke open to other romantic possibilities AKA to keep things interesting) and so they turned him into a homicidal maniac so that we wouldn’t mourn his death too much. I never liked Finn, but ruining a character by going totally against their established personality just so you can justify killing him off is some shit writing.

Finn and Clarke in bed
“Oh, just homicidal murdery stuff”

5. Clarke obviously can’t be with another woman, because this is mainstream TV and that will never fly with audiences, so they give a mini demonstration of Clarke’s bisexuality to show how progressive they are and then, of course, ruin the relationship before it has a chance to develop. Now no one can say they are homophobic, because see! Clarke had a kiss with a girl, once! From here on out, all Clarke’s love interests will be men. I predict that there will be Lexa drama in season 3, which may involve more romantic stuff, but it still won’t end well, possibly with Lexa’s untimely death immediately after she (finally) redeems herself.

Clarke and Lexa

6. Who the fuck cares about Thelonius? The dude thinks he’s Jesus. The only reason he left the main camp is because he is on a power trip and can’t handle not being chancellor. Also, he threw some dude off a boat? What the fuck?

And here are all the pairings I ship:

Girl Character x Taleth
Hot Girl Character x Taleth

That being said, I really did enjoy this show, even season 1 where there was no sign of lesbians anywhere. I’m going to continue watching and hope Lexa makes an appearance in Season 3 (despite my predictions under #5.)

Oh, and slightly related note: I have a review in the works about a TV streaming service that’s basically Netflix for lesbians/bisexuals/queer girls so I’ll be posting that soon, stay tuned!

Anyway, what do you guys think of the show?

Rainbows, Nails, and Double-sided Axes

If you’re a lesbian or bisexual then you’ve probably noticed that it’s really really hard to meet other lesbians and bisexuals. I’m lucky in that I live in a city in the Northeast (Boston, MA) and it’s chock full O’lady-loving ladies.

But unless you’re in a gay club/bar or are on a dating website it’s even harder to:

a.) Figure out who is into other girls and thus dateable

And then when you figure that out you then have to deal with…

b.) Letting them know that YOU are also into other girls (unless you’re butch, then most people probably already know.)

I’m not a girly girl. I never was. Growing up I played with bugs (although, admittedly, they make me scream now) and I was always playing outside with my older brother. I played with action figures, toy cars, toy swords and guns, and of course, every video game console under the sun.

As I grew older I became more and more girly (but still never quite as girly as all my straight female friends.) I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in some femme limbo, where my straight female friends would laugh if anyone ever called me girly yet all my lesbian/gay friends call me ‘femme’ and will scoff at me for whining over a broken nail and say things like “You’re such a girl.”

Guys too, act surprised when I tell them I tend to prefer women. I get the usual, “But you’re too pretty… you don’t have to date other girls…” Uh, thanks, moron.

So I’m not as feminine as the majority of straight girls but I’m clearly not anywhere near butch or masculine like most of my lesbian friends. I tend to just describe myself as a tomboyish-femme lesbian (and even that is pushing it as I feel as though that denotes some sort of athleticism, and anyone will tell you I cannot play sports for my life). I’ll wear makeup and get my nails done (I like french manicures) but at the same time I’m also most likely to be found playing Xbox in my Batman boxers. I’m also way more likely to be wearing jeans and a T-shirt than skirts or dresses, but they’ll be shirts cut to show off my body (and my cleavage) as well as skin-tight jeans instead of oversized, boy’s jeans. I once read a whole list of ‘Types of Lesbians’ and I think the best way to describe my style was the “blue jeans femme,” unmistakably a girl but with a more casual fashion/style.

But the problem is, LESBIANS DON’T KNOW THAT I DATE LADIES. They don’t even consider me most of the time because they assume I’m straight.


This is literally the only hint of my gayness on my body, a single rainbow bracelet (combined with my black wrap bracelet). Otherwise, unless your gaydar is really great, you’ll just assume I’m straight. In fact, I’m pretty sure even this bracelet is probably dismissed sometimes simply with, “Oh, she probably supports gay rights. Cool.”

The funny thing is, my mom bought the bracelet for me completely not realizing the implications so I get to wear it around her and my dad without them realizing 😉

I feel like lesbians, at least the ones I’m usually interested in dating, need flashing neon signs hovering above their head that say, “YES, I DO DATE OTHER WOMEN.” Because I usually am most attracted to girls that aren’t “loud.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just signal to each other?



Of course, I’d prefer something a lot more subtle to rainbows pouring out of your mouth but still.

There’s this thing called femme flagging where femme lesbians paint the nail on their ring finger(s) a separate color from the rest of their nails to gain more visibility as a lesbian. Personally, I think this looks stupid. If I’m going to get my nails done I like them all to have the same classy, manicured look.

Here’s an example from femme flagging, a Tumblr blog.

The submitter’s description reads as follows:

“Floral on the right for romance.

Lace on the left for high tea domme”

Not to be a dick, but what does that even mean? High tea domme?

And ‘floral on the right for romance and lace on the left’?

Who the fuck is going to think “Ah yes, that strange design that vaguely resembles a flower must stand for ‘romance’! And that lace! Clearly this means high tea domme! 

Come on. 

You’re better off not trying to signal to other lesbians via nail polish code (that you basically made up.) Plus it looks not-hot. Maybe some people can pull this off but it still seems pretty ridiculous to me. I’d have an easier time decoding Morse Code that trying to figure out what that purple splotch on your ring finger is supposed to symbolize. I’ll probably assume you did your nails in the dark.

Then there is also the labrys symbol. I was pretty excited to learn about this because I am actually a huge sucker for ancient civilizations and ancient history and had recently read quite a lot on Ancient Cretan civilization. My favorite book, a historical fiction novel, also takes place on Crete (at least for a little while) and the labrys symbol is mentioned a lot.

Apparently these days the labrys (double-sided axe) symbol has come to signify girl power/feminism since it was rumored that the Amazons (lady-warriors from Greek mythology) used to wield them.  Today it is a not-as-well-known symbol of lesbianism and was used as the name of a lesbian magazine publication.

This is actually why I made Val’s necklace a labrys (although it would NOT look anything like the above picture, and would probably look something more like this.)

Anyway. Those are all the methods I’m aware of for the less visible lesbians/bisexuals to become more visible. Rainbows, nails, and double-sided axes. Sounds about right.

What do you guys do, if anything?

Things My Girlfriend Did That Made Her My Ex-Girlfriend

So here are a list of the things my ex used to do that eventually led to our totally awesome break up:

1. Bitched at me for not coming out to my parents (only a few months into our relationship).


Look. Guys. Learn from this. As in, NEVER do this to your significant other (SO). My parents love me unconditionally and I am lucky enough to know that I’d never have to worry about being shunned or kicked out or disowned. I could murder someone and my parents would probably help me cover up the body (and then get me lots of therapy.) But this does not mean that coming out to them is any easier and it certainly does not mean that I should be guilt-tripped into telling them. I didn’t want to tell them, and not because I was afraid of their reaction but because I didn’t think my girlfriend, who I shall affectionately refer to as C.B (Crazy Bitch), was worth my parent’s opinion of me changing forever. I’ll get to it. Don’t rush me.

2. Placed me on a pedestal.


Okay so I know this sounds kind of stupid. “OH GOD. MY GIRLFRIEND THINKS SO HIGHLY OF ME AND THINKS I’M PERFECT, IT’S TERRIBLE.” But no, it really is. The pedestal fucking sucks, especially when they realize you can’t live up to whatever fantasy version of you they have in their head. C.B had self-esteem issues and saw me as FAR SUPERIOR to her. She would constantly ask me why I was dating her, question if I really liked her/felt the same way (despite the fact that I was, you know, dating her for 9 months), and would brag and ‘show me off’ to her weird guy friends so much that it was awkward and beyond embarrassing. Jesus. Christ. Don’t point out to me the fact that you think I can do better than you, because I might realize that you’re right. And I did.

3. Tried to make me jealous. 


Like I mentioned before. Self-esteem issues. C.B constantly needed attention. She constantly needed reminders that I had feelings for her. The thing with me is, I am not huge into sharing my feelings like C.B is. C.B will buy me a star, text me constantly about how much she misses me , and tell me every. five. seconds. about how much she loves me. She’ll even draw doodles of our future home together (yeah, not kidding. Wish I was.) I don’t do any of that. My ways of communicating affection are subtle and infrequent but when they happen they are meaningful and real. If she had been paying attention to the more subtle things then she wouldn’t have needed constant reaffirmation of my feelings for her (though I did my best to convince her). But the one thing that makes this super annoying is that she would try and TEST me. She’d try and make me jealous! Who does that? Are we in middle school? I have a really great story that has to go with this, remind me to post it later. But it was ridiculous. Here’s a tidbit: She sent me a picture of some girl she thought was hot. Yeah. Don’t ever send your girlfriend a picture of another girl. Not only will it be obvious you’re trying to make your girlfriend jealous but you’ll probably just end up annoying her with your lack of maturity and self-esteem. Pathetic.

4. Got mad at me for wanting alone time. 

lol fuck off

I’m an introvert. Now forget everything you’ve heard about introverts. ALL being an introvert means is that I need a lot of alone time to feel stimulated. I need quiet time to recharge my battery or else I get grumpy and exhausted. If you know me then you know this about me. If I say I don’t want to hang out then it’s out of consideration for you because I know I won’t be good company that night unless I get some alone time first. C.B knew this about me before asking me out. She even was REALLY good about it at first. But then she wanted to come over every single day. That drives me nuts. The girl(s) I’m seeing now? They’re totally cool seeing me 2 or 3 times a week. C.B? Nope. Had to be EVERY MUTUAL FREE MOMENT. If I told her I’d rather not spend a 4th night in a row with her she’d get pissy and say, “But I’m your girlfriend.” Yes, unfortunately you are, but that doesn’t change the fact that my brain is wired to hate spending more than 48 hours without alone time. This stressed me out when it came to schoolwork because I could never get anything done when she was around, even when she promised she’d just sit there and let me do my homework. Which she never did. This brings me to my next point…

5. All we did was have sex.

Okay now I know that doesn’t sound like anything to complain about because sex is awesome and who doesn’t like sex, right?


No. Korra is wrong. It DOES matter.

I’ll admit that this is sort of my fault. It was our second date and we had planned on going ice-skating… but we ended up staying in my apartment and having sex instead (this isn’t as bad as it seems, we had been wanting to date each other for 2 years by this point). Anyway, this seemed to have set the precedent for all our future dates as we very rarely ever made it out of my apartment let alone my bed. Soon we started jokingly calling every tentative date “ice-skating” because we never actually went anywhere. Later I would realize that this was because we had absolutely nothing in common except for a mutual physical attraction (that certainly fizzled on my end), but I digress.

6. She left my apartment mid-break up and then, a month later, she pretended we had never broken up. Yeah, seriously.


 So I broke up with her. Except, well, she left mid-break up. Like. Started crying, got up, and ran out of my apartment. ONLY TO ANGRILY TEXT ME FIVE MINUTES LATER. Wow. Coward. So then a month passes and she keeps texting me so I finally tell her that she should stop since, you know, we broke up.

She pretended she had no idea what I was talking about and acted shocked and upset. She seriously texted me saying, “If you knew we were completely done you should’ve told me!”

Holy crap! How long did I date this idiot for? Nine months, was it? Well, shit. 

So I said, “I did. I did tell you we were done. When I broke up with you. A month ago. I even started that conversation with, ‘I think we should break up.‘ How did you miss that?”

“That was a fucking dumb way to start that conversation!”

“How was I supposed to start that conversation? Did you want me to talk about the weather first? Oh hey. Kind of chilly out today right? By the way I’m breaking up with you.”

Suffice to say, this comment only made her angrier.

A month had passed since our break up and even though she clearly knew we had broken up (by remembering how I started our breakup conversation) she decided to pretend that I was somehow blindsiding her with the news.

I could literally talk all day about how crazy this chick was, but I’m not going to because this post is already too long and I have class in 30 minutes and haven’t put on pants yet. Story of my life.

As a side note, this story is about my first girlfriend EVER so I clearly had not developed any sense of ‘red flags’ and warning signs. The crazy snuck up on me, and yes, I stuck my fingers in it. She was glorious for the first few months and I’d be lying if I said I regretted it. I had absolutely no idea she was bat-shit until her self-esteem issues caused her to act like a Shellder clinging on to a Slowpoke.

(Like me, Slowbro tries to make the best out of an agonizingly painful situation.)

Anyway. I’m off to class. Hope everyone enjoyed this insight into my very first lesbian relationship.

Oh, and yes, Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry is the song I have set as the ringtone for when she calls (which she doesn’t, thank god.)

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