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Category: Rants

Anything that pisses me off/I feel the need to rant or complain about

Why Wattpad Not Having a LGBT Sub-Category/Genre is BS

Ever since I joined Wattpad back in August ’12 I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a LGBT sub-genre. I don’t think it needs it’s own category or anything like that–that’d actually seem to be counter-productive. I do, however, believe that Wattpad users could really benefit from a LGBT sub-genre/sub-category at…


Wattpad: A Haiku

  Werewolf is no genre The search bar doesn’t work at all Vampire is no genre     Okay, that wasn’t actually a haiku but whatever. I don’t write haikus. Werewolves and vampires are a part of the FANTASY genre (usually urban/contemporary fantasy these days). Why do they get their…