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Alex’s Girl Art

Hi everyone! I recently commissioned some art: Anime style Alex and Val! This happened after mentioning on my Twitter how I’d prefer an anime rather than a live-action version of my stories. This is for a few reasons, but mostly due to the bigger audience and wider appeal an anime around my story would have (as compared to a live-action show, which are almost never successful unless they pander to a mostly mainstream (straight). Meanwhile, anime has an entire, popular genre (Yuri) that both men and women watch. So that’s how this happened. It was fun! I’ll be commissioning more…

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Lost Then Found: Read Chapter Five Now!

Hi guys! Click here to read Chapter Five of Lost Then Found. PHEW. What a long wait, huh? Again, thanks to everyone for being so patient. I had a loooot going on the past few months and it made it really difficult to stick to my update-a-month schedule that I was trying so hard to stick to. Writing is hard, guys. I’d read the latest chapter first before reading this blog post any further (not that there’s anything particularly spoilery, but just in case.) Ahem. This chapter, which is 52 pages long in Microsoft Word, is 100% Val-centric. It’s basically…


Lost Then Found: Chapter 4 Preview

Hi Guys! I know this is a little late but pretty girls distract me on the daily. Chapter Four will be posted early April! Fair warning, it’s a doozy. That’s right, a doozy.  Here’s the preview of Chapter Four: “It was a long time ago, for about two months give or take,” Val said, waving her hand in the air as if to shoo the label of ‘ex’ away. “Totally not a big deal.” Laura was now staring at Val as if through new eyes. Alex wasn’t sure which was more obvious, the intense jealousy or the admiration. “How did you…


Lost Then Found: Chapter Three Sneak Peek

Aaaand I’m back with a sneak peek for you guys! Here’s a snippet from Lost Then Found‘s Chapter Three 😉 *** “Alex.” It was Laura’s soft voice. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her hand lifting and resting on Alex’s forehead. Her soft fingers felt cool against Alex’s skin, and the blonde woman let out a hum to show that she was awake. “I feel like I got run over by a truck,” Alex mumbled, letting out a slow breath as she felt Laura run slender fingers through her blonde hair. “That feels nice,” Alex said, feeling sleep…


Lost Then Found Chapter Two Preview

Hey guys! As promised, here is the sneak preview of Chapter Two! Just a heads up, I couldn’t find a particular part of Chapter Two that I thought was ‘sneak preview’ worthy, or the ones that were gave the story away. So instead I’m just giving you the first few lines of the chapter. Alex, mind racing, stared dumbfounded at Laura. She had always thought that Laura might still have a crush on her, but she did her best to ignore it. It would only cause problems, anyway, and Alex respected Laura too much to just sleep with her and…


Read It Now: Lost Then Found Chapter One

Hi everyone! Long time no see. Just dropping by to let you know that the first chapter of Lost Then Found has been posted. You can read it by clicking HERE. Let me know what you think! And check back here in a few weeks for a snippet of chapter two! Oh and here’s the chapter song: Tell me this song isn’t perfect.

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