Chapter 18 news

So my friend from home left this morning but we had an awesome weekend (despite my roommate acting like a psychotic, jealous girlfriend) and so I now finally have free time to write chapter 18! Wow. It’s almost been a month since my last update! I’m looking forward to writing it though, and I already know what my next projects will be. I will also have a pretty big announcement when I post chapter 19 (yes 19, not 18) that I think everyone will be excited about.

So since I can’t go back to sleep due to the construction going on outside I’m going to write instead!

Submitted my one shot to the contest!

This is me whenever reading over something I’ve written:


I’m actually really happy that this contest happened because I definitely did not have enough time to work on Chapter 18 as much as I wanted to. This mini-project was kind of the perfect size for me to handle since I was so busy this week. Basically I still got to write and feel like I accomplished something even if it wasn’t the new chapter.

I’m not entirely happy with my entry (but when is a writer ever happy with anything they write?) but it was a lot of fun to write and definitely good practice since I’ve never written a one shot before.

I did not have it in me to write something new, with all new characters. So even though my one shot is about Alex and Val it takes place in an alternate universe, with tweaked versions of the characters. I’m not going to mention what the story is about, but I think everyone will be (pleasantly?) surprised. I’m hoping no one gets really confused thinking that it’s a part of Alex’s Girl because it’s not, just uses the same characters. I had a poll on my Facebook page and everyone seemed to want an Alex/Val story anyway so I doubt anyone will be terribly disappointed.

Obviously I hope I win but I’m really excited to see what everyone else has come up with!

Information on the TinyChat

As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’d be fun to host a tinychat on the day/night of my next chapter update. For those of you that don’t know, tinychat is basically a video chatting site but it can also just be a chatroom. I don’t really know but I’m guessing we’d talk about the chapter at first and then probably move onto random things.

Here’s the link:

I’ll be posting that again on basically all of my social media the day of the chat.

If you have a tinychat account, add me as a contact or whatever.

More details will be posted as soon as I have them.

When can you expect Chapter 18?

This weekend I’m extremely busy working on projects that are due both Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I can post the chapter preview for Chapter 18 sometime around then. As for when Chapter 18 itself will be posted, I can’t say. My college years are coming to a close and now that we’re reaching the final stretch I’ve been given a LOT of work to do for my finals–which are two, extremely in-depth presentations.

Once I graduate, however, I will be updating on a regular schedule again 🙂 Perhaps even more frequently than every two weeks since I usually don’t do anything during my summers except work out and… yeah, that’s about it.

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