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1.) When will you be updating next?

If I know the answer to this question, it will be in the latest A/N’s of my latest chapter OR on Twitter. Check my Twitter for the latest news (if there’s anything worth mentioning about the current chapter’s status, it will be the pinned tweet).

2.) Where did you get the idea for Alex’s Girl?

I had a dream about a homeless girl (running away from something) that got a job at a salon sweeping the floor. Her boss was a hot blonde woman who owned the salon. The girl makes enemies with a hair dresser there, who finds out about the girl’s situation and tells the owner. Instead of being mad, the owner ends up driving the girl to her place, where she promises to let her stay until she can get back on her feet. It’s worth mentioning that ‘Alex’ and ‘Val’ have been in my head for YEARS before this dream, and were at the center of several other stories and plots. But for some reason this dream was so memorable that I had to write it down. In the process I made it more interesting (because bars are way cooler than salons) and voila, Alex’s Girl.

3.) Are you more like Alex or more like Val?

I’m not like either of them, they’re so different!

4.) Will there be a sequel to Alex’s Girl? A prequel? 

There is a sequel! It’s called Lost Then Found and there’s a link to it under my ‘My Writing’ section, or you can click here. There will be no prequel. A third book though, maybe.

5.) Will you be writing more books?

Yes! I have a whole folder on my laptop dedicated to books I have started writing, or have outlined, and would like to write one day. The only thing in my way is finding the time. Manhattan is expensive and my writing is free, so I am very busy working my ass off.

6.) Will you read my story? Will you co-author a story with me?

No, sorry. I’m extremely busy writing my own. I also do not collaborate on stories. Sorry!

7.) Can I have some writing tips/advice?

You’re more likely to get some writing advice from me if you message me directly with a very specific writing-related problem. If the question is too broad I won’t know where to start.

Alsoooo I’m not really qualified to give writing advice so ask at your own risk.


For the record, these kinds of messages have the opposite of the desired effect. Kindness and politeness go a long way guys. I love writing and I love sharing it with you guys… but it is work and I provide it for free.

9.) When did you get into writing? Why?

I don’t even remember. My mom has a cabinet full of terrible stories I wrote when I was little. My career goal in my elementary school yearbook is “To be a famous author” which I know is unrealistic and totally not going to happen–but I’m going to keep writing anyway. I’m still learning. But hopefully I’ll reach a point where everything I write doesn’t instantly make me want to bash my head into a wall.

As for why… because I love it! I enjoy it. I think it’s fun and therapeutic. A lot of what I consider my ‘best’ writing (AKA stuff I’ve written that makes me want to bash my head into a wall a little more gently than usual) was written at really high-stress times in my life. Writing is just another outlet for me, just like playing the drums (except less loud.)

Growing up, I also never found any books that really connected to me. I never found books I wanted to read–books about a girl who happens to like other girls going on adventures. I guess I want to at least provide those stories, because I think it’s important for everyone to have stories and characters who they can identify with. I write what I want to read.

10.) Are you single?

Baby I’m anything you want me to be.


That’s it for now! If you have any other questions feel free to contact me (although if you contact me to ask when the next chapter is coming out I probably won’t respond–sorry! It’s just that there are about 44085093485 of those questions sitting in my inbox on Wattpad right now and I can’t be bothered writing the same exact ‘I dunno!’ message 80 billion times)

Last Updated: February 2023


  1. Lberry Lberry

    I admire the fact that u take the time out to really reply to others and there comments. Thats nice.

    • Well I know it’s ironic that I’m replying to this comment over a year later, but thank you 🙂

  2. i think you’re cute. the way you ” talk ” is definitely cute. i would really want to meet you. The next chapter is on April right? i’ll be looking forward to it 🙂

  3. kim kim

    April is near i’m soooo excited and ready for chapter 10!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’re amazing!

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