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All of my stories have LGBT themes and feature main characters that are either lesbian or bisexual (at least, they will when I post more stories.) I also write in several genres, including but not limited to romance, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, and fantasy. All of my current works are available (for free) on Wattpad, three of which are complete and one is in progress but updating semi-regularly.


Alex’s Girl



Rating: Mature

Genre: Romance/Crime

Status: Completed


Valerie Greco is a 17-year-old girl on the run from some powerful men, some very powerful men who want to make sure she never runs away again.

Alex, a beautiful woman in her early twenties, is known for being standoffish and a bit of a mystery. Not expecting much when she hires Val as a busgirl, the two grow closer as Alex allows Val to stay at her place. But both harbor secrets that will threaten them both unless they can find a way to trust and help each other.

Okay, it is impossible to summarize this story for some reason, but it’s pretty popular on Wattpad, with 1.6 million views, 39.7K votes, and over 17,600 comments. These numbers only increase every day. At it’s height of popularity it had hit rank #78 in romance (Wattpad’s most popular genre) and #56 in non-teen fiction.

I’d definitely give it a chance despite my less-than-adequate summary.

Read it by clicking HERE.


Lost Then Found (Sequel to Alex’s Girl)


Rating: Mature

Category: Romance/Action/Crime

Status: In Progress

Summary (SPOILERS, do not read if you have not finished book 1):

It has been seven years since the events of ‘Alex’s Girl’, where Alexis Sterling loved then lost Valerie Greco, a troubled but selfless young woman who managed to sneak her way into Alex’s heart when she wasn’t looking.

Though Alex still misses Val every day, she has tried to move on with her life. She has become an emergency room doctor, she’s moved into a beautiful new home, and she’s even made some new friends. She also spends a lot of her time witnessing firsthand the ripple effect her actions seven years ago have caused her beloved city, with mob violence growing increasingly out of control and the hospitals quickly filling to capacity with more and more victims.

Tensions are high as the Costa crime family are more powerful than they have ever been before, bringing the city to its very knees. And to make matters worse, Alex has unwittingly befriended the daughter of her most hated enemy, Ciro Costa, the man responsible for Val’s death.

The Grecos, on the other hand, have been laying low the last seven years, their illegal operations mostly cloaked in shadows… that is… until now.

The Grecos are back, and they’re back with a vengeance that demands blood. Their sudden comeback as a powerhouse crime family has Alex asking, how? Or perhaps the question she should be asking is, who?

Read it by clicking HERE.


Little Red Riding Hoodie

Little Red Riding Hoodie Cover

Rating: Teen

Category: Short Story/Romance

Status: Complete


17 year old Scarlet Redmond has a secret, and that secret is the beautiful, smart, goody-goody popular girl Jacqueline Hunter.

Living in Deep Wood, a rural farming town in Idaho that hasn’t changed much since the 1800s, Scarlet has to keep her relationship with Hunter a secret lest they fall prey to the homophobic bullying of their classmates.

One day, on her way to visit her grandmother, Scarlet meets the enigmatic social pariah known as Mara Wolf, a mysterious girl surrounded by infamy and damning rumors. Wolf doesn’t seem to want to leave Scarlet alone, and there’s something about her infuriating smile that makes it seem as though Wolf knows everyone’s secret… even Scarlet’s.

This story was written as an entry for the @lgbtq ‘Once Upon A Time’ contest and was an ‘honorary mention’ though it did not win.

Read it HERE.


A Method of Discipline


Rating: Mature

Category: One-shot/Romance/Adult

Status: Complete 


Valerie Greco, the school’s notorious troublemaker, stopped bothering to show up to detention weeks ago. In a desperate attempt to get the problem student in control, the principal instead sentences her to be a slave to Ms. Sterling, an English teacher known for having a ruthless, ‘no-bullshit’ attitude.

But can Ms. Sterling figure out an effective method of keeping the student in check? Or will Val’s out-of-control behavior finally get her expelled?

This was written as a stand-alone one-shot for a competition hosted on Wattpad and I’m happy to say that it won!

Can be read by clicking HERE.


All stories are copy-righted, and yes, I am more than willing to lawyer-up and sue the fuck out of you, so I wouldn’t risk it

7 thoughts on “My Writing

  1. Ive not noticed any science fiction in wattpad are you posting stories on other sites ? I enjoy the alex series, i would buy your stuff.

    • Hi there!

      No, I mention that I enjoy writing sci-fi but I have not posted any to Wattpad yet 🙂

      and thank you very much! Hopefully one day you will be able to.


    • Hi there!

      I really don’t know, I just bought the image off some stock photo website like shutterstock. Honestly those models don’t even look like how I picture them, but they’re just first draft/Wattpad covers so for $15 it was a steal.

  2. Cant wait for an update for lost and then found i read alex’s girl and all 8 chapters of lost and then found within the past week was dissapointed when what was available was finished… i need answers hahah i love the story!

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