Woohoo! Thanks everyone!

So I won the one-shot competition (hosted by the GirlxGirl library as mentioned in this post and this post.)

(Just kidding, there may or may not have been alcohol involved in the writing process.)

But anyway, apparently I’m the “overall” winner, which is pretty cool! There’s a cash prize (as well as other prizes that I will be receiving in the mail). Sweet.

(those are tears of joy)

I was beyond happy to find out about it (about an hour before my final presentation of my undergraduate college career, no less!) And of course, totally surprised.

I shall take this time to thank everyone who read A Method of Discipline and liked it enough to vote for it! I could not have done it without the support I’ve received from all of you, so I am eternally grateful to have such amazing readers.

Thank you to the GirlxGirl Library on Wattpad for hosting the competition (I hope they’ll host more, they’re super fun!)

Congratulations to all the other winners!

And also to the non-winners, who wrote and submitted some amazing stories.

“Nice stories, guys” – Batman

Blah you’re all amazing and if I could I would totally take each and every one of you out on a date to show my gratitude. (And yes I’d get you drunk.)


And I’d also tell you how great you look


And then maybe…


Okay, totally kidding about that last one (maybe)

But I guess since I can’t do that, I’ll just keep writing instead!


Submit Your Vote to the GirlxGirl Library One-Shot Competition!

So the GirlxGirl library recently announced that the voting period for the one-shot contest is now open!

Here’s their message:


The voting is now open for the girlxgirl one shot competition. To vote for your favorite story all you have to do is send the girlxgirl library account a private message with the name of the AUTHOR as well as the TITLE of the story. You can vote for ONE story PER CATEGORY and one OVERALL winner (this person can be from any category).

So your ballot when you send it in should look like this.

Teen Fiction:
Non-Teen Fiction:
Overall Winner: 

Feel free to copy and paste this ballot into a message. Only one vote per person. The Voting begins today April 24th and will end on April 29th!!!!

If you haven’t checked out all the one shots yet, you still have time to do so before you cast your votes. Happy voting everyone. Remember private message this account with your votes.


Why they don’t just create a few polls and post a direct link to them, I don’t know. Seems like it’d be easier (not that it’s particularly hard to send a message, of course, but it takes so much effort to get people to even click a button and VOTE for a chapter that I doubt many people will bother sending a private message with that form filled out.)

Anyway, click HERE for the one shot entries and HERE for my entry, A Method of Discipline. 


Also, you can vote for A Method of Discipline as BOTH the Non-Teen fiction category winner as well as the overall winner, as in your ballot can look like this:

Romance: Someone else
Teen Fiction: Someone else
Non-Teen Fiction: A Method of Discipline by Taleth
Overall Winner: A Method of Discipline by Taleth

(which would kind of make sense if you think A Method of Discipline deserves overall winner then chances are you think it’s the best in non-teen fiction category, right?)

Obviously, I’d love it if you guys voted for A Method of Discipline but if you choose to vote for a different entry I won’t hold it against you 😉 Although I may hold Chapter 18 hostage until you vote for me…


But anyway, what’s important is that you guys take the time to vote, not for me necessarily, but for the stories that are your favorites 🙂

So fill out the form and send it in a private message to the GirlxGirl Library! You have until the 29th, which isn’t a very long time, so get to it!

Good luck to my fellow writers! You all did an amazing job.

GirlxGirl Library one shot competition

I keep writing something to submit to the contest but it always ends up being too long or just clearly something that is meant to be a much longer, multi-chaptered story (which is actually kind of cool because now I have like 4 super condensed stories that I can turn into major ones.)

So while this is pretty frustrating, it shows me that I actually might need to practice pacing. I can write epics, novels, whatever… but short stories and one shots? Can’t do it. It’s weird that I have no problem developing plots that can stretch over 100K words and yet struggle over writing something under 3K words. Then again, I should be grateful that it’s not the other way around.

I’m going to try again and submit something but it won’t be very good.

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