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Wattpad: A Haiku

Picture 2


Werewolf is no genre

The search bar doesn’t work at all

Vampire is no genre



Okay, that wasn’t actually a haiku but whatever. I don’t write haikus.

Werewolves and vampires are a part of the FANTASY genre (usually urban/contemporary fantasy these days). Why do they get their own category? That makes no sense.

Don’t even get me started on their search bar. If you search “Alex’s Girl” then a story with that title should be the first to show up. But no, you have a better chance with a third-party search engine like Google for something like that.


Picture 3


Come ON, Wattpad!

Picture 4

Wow. Would you look at that? #1 search result. Thank you, Google.



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  1. I dunno, Amazon seems to have a pretty robust selection of gay werewolf erotica. I’d say enough to make it’s own genre.

    • I see your point but really, vampires and werewolves already belong to fantasy or supernatural genres. I guess the way I see it is that just because fantasy/adventure has a lot of ‘elf’ or ‘dwarf’ characters/stories doesn’t mean there should be an elf or dwarf section.

      For gay werewolf erotica that would probably just be classified as supernatural erotica with the sub-genre of LGBT and then an even small sub genre of ‘gay’ (if the site gets super specific.) There’s hierarchy of genres, I believe. Some are more important to mention than others. When it comes to erotica of any form then that’s the main genre it should be listed under, and then the other classifications/categories come afterwards.

      Those are just my thoughts though, I could be entirely wrong.

      • Well, yeah. I understand that. I was just making a joke. XD Genres are weird things, and Amazon especially gets both weirdly specific and weirdly vague, depending on what you’re looking at.

        • Haha oh really? I didn’t know that! Then again I don’t do a lot of book shopping on Amazon so that might be why. I don’t know, Wattpad kind of pisses me off sometimes. Especially with their refusal to add a LGBT sub-genre/category. I’m going to write a post about it eventually.

  2. archii archii

    I agree, when i was searching for alex’s girl on wattpad search i couldnt find it!!! Better chances are on google. Many Lgbt stories cannot be found on the wattpad search, making it very inconvenient to search by clicking next pages under categories.

    • I realized after I had posted this that I had forgotten to check off the “mature” box when searching, so if you do that then Alex’s Girl is the first option! But yeah, their search still sucks in general. In fact that entire website pisses me off. Do they not have a web designer? There are so many obvious things I feel as if they’re missing.

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